13 years in the making

Man in cow suit

The man in a cow suit was first seen standing in the town square, promoting the exciting new game "The Hagiograph."

"Seeing as I'm making a game starring the "cow" which is set between nihilism and c'est mort, I guess I could answer that... well, my version of it at least:

The guy in the suit is no-one in particular, he's just wearing the suit.... or the suit is wearing him, it depends on how you look at it. You see, this suit is eeevil. It possesses the person who is wearing it so the person has no recollection of his former life and believes he is a cow. Now, for each new person who wears the suit, the more evil it becomes. At the end of my game the guy/girl inside the suit gets killed, and the suit is lying on the ground, ready to possess another helpless soul. I suppose by the time of c'est mort, it has possessed so many people it has become the incarnation of evil.

..that's my version of it. Dunno what cpt. mostly intended." (Esseb)

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Captain Mostly

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