13 years in the making

No Beard

No-Beard is Hooky McPegleg's arch-nemesis, though the reason for the animosity between the two is unknown. He is incredibly evil, and his life's goal is to make Hooky miserable. Presently, No-Beard lives at the bottom of the 8 foot hole he dug while retrieving the Lost Treasure of RON. He is presumed dead, but you know how these adventure game villains are...

Interesting bits of trivia (or plot holes) about No-Beard:

  • Although he is Hooky's arch-nemesis, he shows no signs of being a pirate, aside from the way he speaks.
  • While Hooky is obviously Scottish, No-Beard's nationality is unknown. It's presumed he's British.
  • No-Beard bears a striking resemblance to none other than Francisco Gonzalez (aka Grundislav). Coincidence? I think not...

Created by:

Francisco Gonzalez

First Seen In:

The Lost Treasure of RON

Playable in:

Features in:

The Lost Treasure of RON


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