13 years in the making

The Sorceror's Appraisal

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And now, a game made before RON even existed! Yahtzee created most of this game about a year ago, but it remained unfinished until just now. This adventure follows Davy Jones as he travels through an interdimensional portal to an alien (yet somehow familiar) world. And yes, it's made in AGI, old school Sierra-style.


I forgot how much I loved AGI. I grew up on Space Quest 1 & 2. -cornjob


Created By: Ben Croshaw 
Date Released: Thursday 24th January 2002
Game Engine: AGI Studio

Playable character:

Davy Jones

New characters:

Featured characters:


This is an AGI adventure game made with AGI Studio. Move your character with the arrow keys and type in the following commands to complete the game. Press 'F1' for help. This walkthrough was created to maximize brevity and enjoyment - there are many extra death animations that add to the richness of the game.

In this walkthrough, anything in quotes is what you'll need to type. Anything outside quotes is an instruction.

  1. "Take crayon" off the floor. "Take notebook" off the bookshelf. Walk West.
  2. "Open cabinet" - the leftmost cabinet. "Take salt" "Take knife" from next to the fridge. Go East.
  3. "Turn off fire" whilst near the fire. "Enter fire" whilst near the fire.
  4. "Take kit" whilst near the kit. "Read notebook."
  5. Whilst near the square in the sand:
  6. "Draw circle" "Read notebook."
  7. "Arrange candles around circle" "Read notebook."
  8. "Pour blood around circle" "Read notebook."
  9. "Sprinkle salt on knife" "Read notebook."
  10. "Recite words" "Read notebook."
  11. "Cut air with knife" "Read notebook."
  12. Walk into the portal.
  13. Go South. Go West.
  14. "Take rock" whilst near the rock. Go West.
  15. Enter the cave.
  16. "fissop" Go up to the gem and "look gem." Leave the cave. Go East, East, South-East, South. South, West.
  17. "Take shotgun" whilst near it. Go West.
  18. "Cast VIOGRA on animal." "Take shard" "Take skull" whilst near the body. Go East, South.
  19. "Put skull on altar" "Crush skull" "Get blood" whilst near the puddle. Go North, East, North, East.
  20. "Shoot crystal" whilst near the crystal. "Get bits" Go West, North, North, West, West, West.
  21. Go up to the flat rock. "Draw circle" "Put bits on circle" "Pour blood on circle" "Pour bone over knife" "Recite words" "Cut air" "Enter portal"
  22. "Read notebook" "Cast VIOGRA on fish" "Take fish" "Move sand" "Draw circle"
  23. "Cut fish" "Put fish in circle" "Point at ship" Walk into the circle.