13 years in the making

Invasion of the Space Aliens...

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This game is set between the first two RON games. Here we follow Alec Spherguson, secret agent from planet Spheroidia on a mission to save his home world. And of course, somebody in Reality-on-the-Norm holds the key to the survival of the ball-shaped aliens.


This game has some funny dialogue and references to previous RON games. The downside however, is that it's short and the inventory puzzle didn't make any sense (I guess it wasn't supposed to). -Cornjob

The full title of this game is: Invasion of the Space Aliens Who Are Not From Earth But From Some Other Planet, making this game notable for being the shortest game with the longest title! -Dave


Created By: Aleksandar Janjic 
Date Released: Sunday 25th August 2002
Game Engine: AGS

Playable character:

Alec Spherguson

New characters:

Alec Spherguson

Featured characters:


None available.