13 years in the making


Greyson, an extra-planar being, is a Threader. His job is to mend and protect the Fabric of Reality which encompasses multiple timelines and planes of existence.

As there has been overlap in both their jobs over the centuries, Greyson and Death are friends. They would often spend their off-hours at horse derbies, enter Death�s horse and betting on him to win.

While he has not problems with his job, he is frequently frustrated with The Elder Gods. He holds little regard for them or their upper management skills as he is acutely aware that they don�t have a single clue on how his job works and what it entails. Thus, whenever they send down an order, it makes his job (and that of his co-workers) more difficult than it would be.

Sent to Reality-on-the-Norm to deal with a single tear, he locates and closes it in short order.

Ordered to return to Reality and stay when more tears appear three weeks after his first visit, Greyson sets out to repair the damage and find the cause. During his investigation, he comes across something that invalidates the observations he made during his first visit.

Greyson doesn�t do walking unless specifically instructed to. He dislikes walking as he can move faster when hovering and there are times when speed is essential to prevent a timeline from being irrevocably damaged.

Created by:

Dylan Downing

First Seen In:

The First Stitch

Playable in:

The First Stitch
The Unraveling

Features in:

The First Stitch
Reality Check
Reality Check 2
Reality Check 3


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