13 years in the making

I Spy 2

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Like the original "I Spy," this game casts you as Mika, who once again has to take photographs of strange and unusual events. This time you're working for The Realiser, the local newspaper. You'll see several new locations, including the mayor's office. This version contains some minor bug fixes


A solid game, with some nice graphics. It's notable for being the first complete game where Davy Jones is dead and Michael Gower is mayor.


Created By: Berian Williams 
Date Released: Sunday 2nd December 2001
Game Engine: AGS

Playable character:

Mika Huy

New characters:

Dave Nihilist
Larry Boyle

Featured characters:

Crazy Homeless Weirdo
Michael Gower


Cycle right-click mouse cursors and perform the following actions to complete the game. This walkthrough was created to maximize brevity and enjoyment - there are more interactions possible that add to the richness of the game.

  1. Enter the far right building.
  2. Use the key in your inventory on the middle door.
  3. Search the clothes on the floor and the cabinet in the bathroom to get your wallet & some make-up. Go back out of the building to Town Square.
  4. Enter the Yahtzeebrand store.
  5. Take one of the magazines off the shelf. Use the wallet on the clerk. Leave the store.
  6. Leave Town Square to the East.
  7. Click on The Realiser on the map.
  8. Talk to your boss about everything. Search the desk & the filing cabinet to get a camera & a file. Leave The Realiser.
  9. Go to Town Hall.
  10. Talk to the clerk. Take the scissors off the desk. Go back to Town Square.
  11. Enter the alley next to Scid's Bar.
  12. Talk to the Bum until you learn he wants a beer in exchange for a fake ID. Leave the alley and go into Scid's Bar.
  13. Talk to the bartender until you learn he wants a magazine for a beer. Give him the magazine. Leave the bar & go back to the alley.
  14. Give the bum the beer. Use the camera on yourself, Mika. In your inventory, use the scissors on the photo of Mika, the glue on the little picture and the little picture on the fake ID. Go back to Town Hall.
  15. Show the ID to the clerk. Go into the Mayor's Office.
  16. Talk to the Mayor. Give him the make-up. Leave.
  17. Go to the cemetery.
  18. On the first screen, search the shadowy tree to get a rope. Use the scissors on the rope. Go West.
  19. Use the lasso on the tree above the grave. Go back to the Bum's alley.
  20. Give him the file. Go to The Realiser.
  21. Give your boss the 3 pictures.