13 years in the making

The Underworld

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You're Frank Malone, the best and only mobster in RON. Mayor Gower hires you to be his bodyguard, a job simple because you're the only one in town that would attack him in the first place. But soon, your evil twin brother Fred comes into the picture. Fred's a little peeved that you sent him to prison, and he wants a little revenge.


A nice game with some funny character bits, but it feels very empty in places and seems like it was rushed. -Dave


Created By: Kunafits 
Date Released: Monday 9th December 2002
Game Engine: AGS

Playable character:

Frank Malone

New characters:

Frank Malone
Fred Malone

Featured characters:

George Watstatt
Michael Gower
Phil Nihilist


None available.