13 years in the making


Death (Mr. Grim Reaper) arrived in Reality to re-collect the soul of Michael Gower. Instead of reaping him, the zombie managed to convince Death to work as his campaign manager. Death agreed, and has proven to be a more than capable PR man.

Now that Death is in politics, he gets riled by reporters, especially Mika Huy. Death still has some supernatural powers, such as knowing how people die - but the Powers That Be still have some control over Death, because when he tries to tell Max Griff who killed Pete Bailey, he's prevented from doing so. (The Postman Only Dies Once)

During the summers, Death works at the beach as the lifeguard. He loves the job, and enjoys all the fringe benefits it provides. He has discovered an unhealthy addiction to building sandcastles - sometimes building up to 15 per day.

Created by:

Dave Gilbert

First Seen In:

The Repossessor

Playable in:

The Repossessor
RON 13:13 Retaliation
Ron 13:13^2 The Thickening

Features in:

The Repossessor
Simon's Journey
The Postman Only Dies Once
Shadows of RON
The Lost Dollar
Dead Man's Political Party
Au Naturel
Hooky McPegleg, Pirate Postman
The Unraveling
Paranormal Investigation
Davy Jones is Back
The Chef
The Underworld
Defender of RON
Purity of the Surf
MI5 Bob
I'm Only Sleeping
Rock - A True Story
The Day Nothing Happened
Night and Day
Reality Check


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