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Birthday Card

I received a birthday card for RoN yesterday. I've scanned it and posted it to the Anniversary section of the Fan Art page. Go take a look, it's really good.

Posted By: Dylan Downing (Renegade Implementor) - Saturday 18th February 2006

Happy Birthday RoN

Today marks RoN's 5th birthday. In celebration we have we have:

A new trailer from Dark Comet which can be found HERE.

Dark Comet has also provided some new backgrounds and a updated character which can be found on the Resource page under the "Recent Resources" heading.

Phorbin has provided an anniversary picture which can be found under the Splash Screens & Anniversary Art section of the Fan Art page.

Finally, Big Brother RoN has been finished. Head on over to the Fan Fiction page to see what happened.

So raise a glass, eat cake, and celebrate 5 years of RoN and many more for the future.

Posted By: Dylan Downing (Renegade Implementor) - Friday 17th February 2006

Forum back up and running

The forum is now fixed and available for use

Happy posting...!

Posted By: James Gardner (Bumblearse) - Sunday 5th February 2006

Down Forum

The forum is down at the moment. While it's down, if anyone needs to post any announcements, questions, or anything relating to RoN, you'll have to use the RoN group at Yahoo. You'll need to sign on before you can use it. You'll find the group at this link.

On another note, I've updated the X-mas fan art page

Posted By: Dylan Downing (Renegade Implementor) - Sunday 5th February 2006