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Characters by Wogoat

With the help of Wogoat, there's a new collection of his characters (in .cha format) for download on the Resources page. This collection gathers the characters he's done, old and new, in one .zip file

Posted By: Dylan Downing (Renegade Implementor) - Tuesday 20th February 2007


Happy Birthday RoN! Today marks the 6th year since the first Reality-On-The-Norm game was released.

In other news, an updated version of The First Stitch has been uploaded to the site.

Posted By: Dylan Downing (Renegade Implementor) - Saturday 17th February 2007

2007 RoN RS #1

The first RoN Release Something of the year begins today. The thread on the forum is available for people to display what they've been working on, be it: writing, graphics, art, music, a demo, or anything that's RoN releated.

Posted By: Dylan Downing (Renegade Implementor) - Friday 9th February 2007

Competition dates annouced

The years first RoN Release Something begins on the 9th, so people have until then to decide what they're going to show.

The first Themed Game compeition has begun. Take a look at the thread on the forum for more information.

Posted By: Dylan Downing (Renegade Implementor) - Thursday 1st February 2007

RoN's upcomming birthday

For those who aren't keeping track, RoN's 6th birthday is just 16 days away. If anyone is wanting to make something, such as art, to celebrate this birthday they have until the 17th to get it done.

Also, The first 2007 RoN Release Something will be held this month, an exact date will follow. This activiy allows people to show what they've been working on.

Finally, the first Themed Game activity begins this month.

Posted By: Dylan Downing (Renegade Implementor) - Thursday 1st February 2007