13 years in the making

Apocalypse Meow (Chapter One)

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This is a continuation of Creed Maley's and Denzil Quixode's epic trilogy. Become Drake once again as he struggles to survive in a Reality torn to shreds by ferocious kittens. This is the first chapter of the game (eventual total of three).


I enjoyed this one a lot. I liked the change in tone. This game is a bit dark and sinister, compared to other RON games anyway, but Creed's off-beat humor is still plentiful. Let's hope the rest of the game is released soon. -Dave


Created By: Creed Malay Denzil Quixode 
Date Released: Saturday 15th March 2003
Game Engine: AGS

Playable character:

Melt & Drake

New characters:

Featured characters:

Davy Jones
Elandra Desmond
Michael Gower
Omni Kitten
Vicks Vapourrub


None available.