13 years in the making

Melt & Drake

Melt and Drake live in the bottom floor flat of the Big Brown Apartment block, & have known each other for longer than they can remember. Cheerfully stereotypical chemical generation drop outs, they generally keep to the shadows, nervous and vaguely apprehensive for reasons they can't even begin to understand.

With his pasty face & blond dreadlocks, Melt looks a little like the singer from Soul Asylum. Remember them? Drake, meanwhile, seems to resemble Brad Pitt in his role as Early, the serial killer in "Kalifornia". He also appears to have no nose, and only a deep crease where his eyes should be. Which is a little odd, really. Christ knows what he looks like naked.

Artist's rendering by Creed Malay

Created by:

Creed Malay

First Seen In:

Cabbages and Kings

Playable in:

Cabbages and Kings
Kittens and Cacti
Apocalypse Meow (Chapter One)

Features in:

Simon's Journey
Cabbages and Kings
Purity of the Surf
MI5 Bob
Major Bummer Dude: Lassi Quest RON
Root of all Evil
Rock - A True Story
Boogie Bum


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