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Thakbor's Mom

Mrs. Stringstein is Thakbor's mother. She refuses to admit that her son has grown up. She coddles and coos and generally treats him like a five year old. Thakbor's Mum always embarasses Thakbor in front of his "little friends" as she calls them (the people he battles against). She also cuts his hair for him. (Ben Pettengill)

She is so overprotective of her son that she will not even let him buy his own house. (Purity of the Surf)

In the evenings, Thakbor's Mum sits by the window at home and knits wooly condoms. (Vengeance of the Chicken)

Created by:

Ben Pettengill

First Seen In:

Vengeance of the Chicken

Playable in:

Features in:

Vengeance of the Chicken
Purity of the Surf
Root of all Evil


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