13 years in the making

Root of all Evil

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Today is Mika's birthday, and of course this is an excellent reason to throw a party. In a town like this, inviting all your friends is easy. There is just one thing missing... Money. Parties can be expensive, and Mika is remarkably short on money. Still, it should be possible for an enterprising photographer to make some quick cash...



Created By: Pieter Simoons 
Date Released: Friday 21st September 2007
Game Engine: AGS

Playable character:

Mika Huy

New characters:

Featured characters:

Baron Wolfgang
Chef Lucca
Crazy Homeless Weirdo
Dr. Die Vie Ess
Elandra Desmond
Hooky McPegLeg
Max Griff
Melt & Drake
Thakbor's Mom
Vicks Vapourrub


A walk-through can be found here.