13 years in the making

The Postman Only Dies Once

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The author of "Repossessor" is back with a second game, this one featuring his character Max Griff. Pete Bailey the postman has been murdered, and the only suspect is zombie Michael Gower. Help Max Griff, Reality's number one (and so far only) private eye as he tries to unearth the real killer. Charades, vats of acid, Mah Jong and donuts await your investigation!


This is version 2.0 of the game, recompiled for Windows. It is virtually identical from version 1.0, except now Windows XP users can play the game. :) If you so desire, you can download the original dos version here.


Created By: Dave Gilbert 
Date Released: Sunday 11th November 2001
Game Engine: AGS

Playable character:

Max Griff

New characters:

Max Griff

Featured characters:

Crazy Homeless Weirdo
Davy Jones
Dr. Die Vie Ess
George Watstatt
Michael Gower
Mika Huy
Phil Nihilist
The Sheriff
Vicks Vapourrub


Cycle right-click mouse cursors and perform the following actions to complete the game. This walkthrough was created to maximize brevity and enjoyment - there are more interactions possible that add to the richness of the game.

  1. Leave Max's office.
  2. Go into Scid's bar.
  3. Talk to George. Ask him if he's okay to get a bottle of cider. Ask him what he has on tap to learn the taps are blocked. Leave the bar.
  4. Enter the Yahtzeebrand store.
  5. Talk to the clerk. Ask about any board game and when the clerk leaves the room, take a balloon. Take a donut then leave.
  6. Enter the house to the right of the store.
  7. Search the desk to find a magic marker. Take the papers on the ground to learn the Run Hot spell. Talk to Davy. Leave the house.
  8. Enter the alley next to Scid's.
  9. Use the magic marker on the balloon. Use the balloon on the window. Talk to the bum. Ask about the murder then ask to see the thing. Leave the alley and enter the store.
  10. Cast Run Hot on the clerk. Give him the cider. Take the drain cleaner after he leaves. Go out and enter the bar. Give the drain cleaner to George. Leave and go to Davy's house.
  11. Give Davy the drain cleaner. Leave and go to Scid's bar. Enter the room inside.
  12. Talk to Death. Ask him who he's protecting the files from. Tell him you see someone in the window. When he turns around, search the box on the table. Leave and go to the store.
  13. Ask the clerk about board games and Mah Jong. Go to the alley.
  14. Give the Mah Jong board to the bum. Go to the east of Town Square, to the cemetery.
  15. Use the pickaxe on the tombstone. Go to Davy's house.
  16. Give him the stone then the drain cleaner. Leave and go the Scid's.
  17. Give Scid the super-charged drain cleaner. Leave and go to the alley.
  18. Give the bum the Mah Jong piece. Leave and go between Max's office and the building next to Scid's.
  19. Enter the hospital.
  20. Talk to Vicks, the security guard. Ask him to see the body to learn you need a warrant. Leave and go north.
  21. Talk to the sheriff. Give him a donut.
  22. Talk to the zombie. Search the filing cabinet. Go out and back into the hospital.
  23. Show Vicks the warrant.
  24. Search the table in the morgue. Go out and return to the jail (give the sheriff another donut.)
  25. Give the zombie his tongue and the needle and thread. Talk to the zombie. Go out and go west.
  26. Look at Mika. Talk to her and ask her if she has a bobby pin. Cast Run Hot on the certificate on the wall. Touch the button. Leave the room.
  27. Go to Davy's house and talk to him. Go back to Town Square and talk to him again.
  28. Go to the campaign room and talk to Death. Go back out and talk to him again.
  29. Go to the hospital and talk to Vicks. Go back out and talk to him again.
  30. Go to the jail, talk to the sheriff, then go back. Talk to the sheriff again.