13 years in the making

The Chef

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Grundislav, creator of the Hooky McPegleg games, returns with his third(!) RON game. This time, we meet a new character: Chef Lucca. When the mayor is forced to shut down Lucca's Italian restaurant due to a complaint from D.O.R.K.S. (Department of Restaurant Kitchen Sanitation), the chef suspects someone is out to get him. Help Lucca and his naked brother Guido uncover an evil conspiracy.


Another cool game with new characters, some cool animations, and a lot of "Godfather" music and styling. -Cornjob

Warning! This game WILL make you hungry! Keep a bowl of pasta on standby! -Dave

The game music file can be downloaded HERE. File size 1400 kb.


Created By: Francisco Gonzalez 
Date Released: Thursday 11th April 2002
Game Engine: AGS

Playable character:

Chef Lucca

New characters:

Chef Lucca

Featured characters:

Baron Wolfgang
Crazy Homeless Weirdo
George Watstatt
Jhon Steel
Michael Gower
Mika Huy


None available yet.